Being in the business of brands, our thoughts run-around brands and brand marketing, from strategy to tactics, from a product concept to customer trust our thoughts communicate each step.

From strategy to Tactics: end-to-end marketing planning

  • Estimate market size
  • Evaluate potential growth
  • Study macro environment
  • Confirm strategic fit
  • Develop business case
  • Clarify target segment
  • Develop deep insights
  • Evaluate unmet needs
  • Comfirm buying process
  • Study economic viability
  • Access competitors
  • Create Price-value maps
  • Develop SWOT
  • Confirm business viability
  • Study competitive trends
  • Confirm offering
  • Create launch strategy
  • Develop 4P models
  • Confirm branding
  • Ensure retention rates
  • Create success metrics
  • Confirm assumptions
  • Develop early-warning signals
  • Clarify stop-tweak points
  • Tie into business metrics

Idea holds that achieving objectives depend on knowing the needs of target markets and deliver the desired satisfaction better than competitors do. Instead of a product-centered "make and sell" philosophy, the brand marketing concept is customer-centered "sense and response" philosophy.

  • Designing the product
  • Creating Value
  • Strategy
  • Communicating Value
  • Delivering the Value
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Trust