Building dynamic brands is very much a creative process – a process that we are passionate about. We indulge ourselves to understand the common element of the watch industry & brand recognition.

  • Research & Development – This involves carrying out market research studies, capturing consumer behaviors & requirements, & recognizing current trends into the market. The study culminates with a clear idea of opportunities & the unmet needs into the market in order to develop a new category to satisfy the identified gap. Accordingly, developing designs & models that fulfill the identified market needs & create an initial communication for brand perception.
  • Product Profiling – We categorize products on multiple segments & develop culture, & then we put together the strategic business objectives to complete the product profiling.
  • Product Testing – We test the compilation of innovative models & creative designs prior to settling on the brand communication & other strategies, to determine whether they meet the needs of market & trend, or they require refinement to make it effective.
  • Refinement & Enhancement – Once the communication is clear & refined, we then enhance our strategic moves to safeguard the brand proposition & insure the brand meet its forecasts.
  • Brand Launch – Launch the brand into the market & follow its penetration.